Selecting a Virtual Data Room

When companies collaborate with other companies for litigation or business transactions, they often need to share confidential documents that are not within their firewall. Virtual Data Rooms are online repositories that let you securely store and share digital files. VDRs are now a well-established solution for supporting complex projects and

Types of Corporate Governance Best Practices

Corporate governance isn’t just for businesses legally structured as corporations. They’re a set of guidelines that managers must not only execute effectively on well-developed strategic plans, they must also be fair and responsible to all stakeholders. Regardless of whether your business has one or many stakeholders–shareholders, employees, clients, students or

Types of Data Rooms

There are a variety of data rooms. Some are designed towards specific industries or project and have specific usage cases. Some are more general, and provide a greater variety of tools. It is important to choose an option that offers a good balance of features and value. Look at how

Cloud Management Platforms

Cloud management platforms allow organizations to monitor and manage their cloud infrastructure. This includes performance and scalability, as well as costs. A cloud-based platform that is reliable should integrate with billing and IT systems, systems as well as monitoring and reporting tools. Enterprises must choose the things they want to