Is it Time For a Tech Audit?

How reliable is the technology that your business or organization relies on each day? If you’re not sure that it is reliable, it may be time to conduct a tech audit. A tech audit can ensure that your systems are functioning in the way they should and that the data you store is protected from cyberattacks that could expose sensitive information.

A tech audit is a detailed examination of the IT infrastructure and policies of a company. It can reveal potential security risks, as and also identify ways to improve internal controls. It is an essential element of any company’s cybersecurity strategy and can be used to meet the requirements of certification or regulation.

To conduct a technology audit, a group of professionals with the necessary qualifications should first make a plan that defines the scope, timeframe, and other details. The plan should also outline how the findings will be used and how any improvements made will be implemented in everyday business processes.

Once the audit has been completed, it’s crucial to ensure that the final report is concise and clear. The report should be easily understood by non-technical stakeholders and provide an overview of the findings and a plan for addressing any identified issues. It is essential to not only think about the auditing techniques, but however, but also the ethical and moral implications.

A QIMA technical audit can be customized to your industry or by our experts, who will examine the manufacturing standards of the factory as well as providing a risk score to the capabilities of where to view steam screenshots your supplier. This ensures that the factory can meet your specifications with respect to availability or security.

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