How to Keep Your Important Documents Safe

There are many documents should be kept safe in the event of a catastrophe. These include family documents such as birth certificates, financial documents and legal documents like wills. But how do you keep these important documents safe?

Making inventory, making additional copies and storing them in a safe are only a few ways to ensure that your important documents are secure. It is also recommended to use online document storage solutions like password-protected, external hard drives cloud-based platforms or secure document scanners that provide a digitally encrypted copy.

Physical filing systems can be a great way to secure documents, especially when they’re fireproof. There are a range of alternatives available, ranging from small fireproof safes made for use at home to larger ones that can be used to store file cabinets and hanging folders. Consider a virtual filing solution, such as Shoeboxed. It can digitize the receipts and expense forms which makes it easier to be reimbursed, maximize tax deductions and also do your accounting.

A fireproof safe is among the best ways to make sure your important documents are protected from damage caused by theft and environmental factors. There are a lot of choices available, from small fireproof boxes that are simple to conceal in the back of your closet to huge safes that are built to be able to withstand extreme temperatures, and even protect your belongings from flooding. One option is the Honeywell 1104 one, which can keep your documents secure for up to an hour in extreme heat and also keeps water out (water is used to extinguish the flames). A smaller safe is less expensive and easier to transport than larger safes. Some are even waterproof for extra security.

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