The Fundamentals of Business Data Communication

Data communication enables digital and electronic information to transfer between two networks, no regardless of where the sender and receiver are geographically located or what the data contains. Businesses that make use of this technology can boost their operational efficiencies and competitiveness by interacting with one another more effectively. It also provides the foundation for altering business processes to make them more efficient and creative.

In today’s increasingly data-driven world, the ability to extract important information from a vast amount of data and to communicate the information to others is crucial to the success of any organization. These skills are acquired through studying three fundamental areas Understanding Data and obtaining valuable Data, as well as Effective Communication. With the increasing importance of these topics an understanding of the basics of business data communications is crucial for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the field of information management or business.

This best-selling text is highly praised for its accuracy and clarity, as well its cutting-edge orientation. It offers students a comprehensive knowledge of information communication and networking including everything from hardware and network designs to security and LANs. The text starts by discussing requirements, then examines communication and networking options to best laptops for freelancers meet these needs.

The primary goal of the text is to present the technical material in a context that is relevant to the requirements and concerns of business executives and employees. The material is organized around requirements and their applications, not the technology itself.

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