How to Create Safe Board Meetings

A secure board meeting allows directors to speak freely while remaining respectful, constructive and critical. This gives them the chance to explore their opinions and make informed decisions that are beneficial to the growth of the organization.

The chair of the board is crucial element in creating a safe board environment by setting the tone, modeling respect and ensuring that discussions are focused and civil. Chairs should also facilitate meetings so that everyone has time to speak and give the secretary the opportunity to take notes.

An organized agenda is a crucial component of any safe board meeting. Prioritize the most crucial items and shift the less important items to later meetings. The agenda should contain an executive session section as well as reports that must be examined and approved.

The process of distributing the agenda and any reports to be reviewed prior to the meeting will allow the board members to read them before the meeting. This will allow board members to be better prepared for the meeting and reduce the time spent reading reports during the meeting.

It’s also important to provide ample time for discussion and questions at the meeting, because it can be difficult to get through an entire agenda without much discussion and debate. A skilled facilitator can be very beneficial in this case. Board members are encouraged to talk the safety concerns, incidents and possible hazards.

board meeting agenda

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