5 Use Cases For VDRs

Vdrs are used by many companies in a range of industries, including those in the M&A and enterprise sectors. They also offer a secure space for online transactions. From the realm of investment banking to real estate there are a variety of situations where VDRs can be useful and can help streamline mission-critical processes.

Intellectual property is vital to a lot of companies. To protect it, a secure platform is required to share information with third parties without putting their data at risk. In this case having permissions that are granular at the level of file and folder is essential. Additionally, the ability to monitor and audit user activities ensures that the company’s most valuable information is safe.

The financial industry requires a high standard of security, especially when dealing with sensitive customer data. VDRs are equipped to meet this requirement and are often an option that is more reliable than email when sharing sensitive documents.

Investment banking processes like IPOs capital raising and M&A require massive amounts of document sharing, which makes the security-first features of vdrs invaluable. 24/7 access to an organized investigation space, task-based workflows and a consistent role-based distribution are all elements which contribute to a productive collaboration. Dealmakers can close deals faster with the help of these tools.

Real estate transactions are usually complex and involve multiple parties. They also require a large amount of documentation. A vdr offers a safe and secure environment to exchange the information, allowing everyone involved to view and discuss the documents at their convenience. This saves time and money and improves the overall experience of everyone involved in the transaction.


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