Dealing With Board Directors

Boards of directors are essential in holding non-profit organizations accountable for their fiduciary duty and strategic direction. They are a group of individuals who have a variety of backgrounds and experiences to make decisions about the direction of an organization. Unfortunately boards do not always function smoothly. This is mainly due to a lack of planning, training and communication.

If the behavior of a board member causes significant conflict within the Board and is causing significant friction, then it might be time to tackle the issue. The director’s behavior, whether it is a source of contention, abusive or overbearing, could affect the mission and organization.

Resolving conflicts with board members begins with direct intervention. Chairs of boards should sit down with the member and explain why their behavior is unacceptable and needs to change. Remind the individual that they were hired for the board based on their expertise and experience and that it is in everyone’s interest to work effectively.

The next step is gathering information and documentation about the behavior of the board member in question. A code of conduct can be an effective method to prevent inappropriate behavior since it defines the expectations for board members.

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